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British multinational company, established in 1887.

Main distribution market in Europe. Purchases fruit, mainly bananas, plantains, pineapple and melons, in a wide variety of producing countries, throughout the world. The relationship was developed under the auspices of the Mena Group, owners of Nicaragua Banana Corporation, who are the top quality suppliers of bananas and plantains to the company. We have been subjected to numerous tests to determine the efficacy of Biotrexx, as well as our compliance to international standards. Recently in Germany, the Head of European Quality Assurance of the company, indicated that we comply with the EU standards for importation to the region called EC-396-2005. They have authorized us to sell our product to their suppliers of bananas, plantains, and pallets, and now have requested that we engage in tests with the melon and pineapple producers as well.

del monte

Del Monte is one of the world’s leading vertically integrated producers, marketers and distributors of high-quality fresh and fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, as well as a leading producer and distributor of prepared food in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Our services were presented to them in 3 countries simultaneously, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama through their R&D Division and were given final approval to engage in testing directly from the VP of that division. We are currently in the testing phase focused in banana post harvest processes. Once that is fully accomplished, we will be directed towards melon, papaya, pineapple and vegetable production.

del monte

A multinational corporation, born in Guatemala, now produces bananas and other fruits, as well as palm oil, in Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador and Peru and sells its own private label brands to the USA and the EU. The company also produces bananas for the multinational corporations like del Monte and Dole, among others.

Evaluating our success with the banana industry, Agroamerica agreed to engage in testing Biotrexx in the post harvest processes. These tests are finalizing shortly and, with the promise of using the product on 11 million boxes of bananas to begin with, with the potential of doubling that amount shortly, this company is one of our largest potential customers so far.


The world’s leading pallet and logistics packaging supplier, this company buys pallets from a multitude of factories around the world, and leases them to customers worldwide. We are currently selling Biotrexx to their largest supplier in Latin America, Forestal Rio Blanco, and are in the process of registering the product in 5 additional countries by their request, to sell to the same number of their factories in those geographies.


A Clearstream legacy customer, Merck Animal Health has the exclusive rights to sell Armatrex (same formulation as Biotrexx, and manufactured by Clearstream Technologies) into this vertical market. These sales are done through the extensive network of distributors and self-owned Merck wholesalers worldwide. Once the merger is done between EFG and CS, this market will be inherited into the EF Global Group of Companies

St. Elizabeth
Ohio State
Frederick Health

Together with Clearstream, EF Global Group has been able to put together and secure a multitude of relationships with Universities, Laboratories, Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Companies to document all the amazing results that have been obtained with Biotrexx, as well as to continue developing valuable intellectual property, in the form of new Patents.

EFGE is the exclusive global distributor of BiotrexX (and related products) which is anantimicrobial coating - for food packaging materials as well as for more "logistics oriented" materials – whose proprietary formulation affords protection from an extensive list of harmful pathogens from moment of application to BEYOND the consumption of protected products by consumers.

Biotrexx has been proven to significantly extend shelf life of food products which are packaged inside pre-treated containers. Prior application in the source-based logistics component of the food supply chain – taking us closer to where McKinsey says 30% to 40% of the global food supply is wasted – enhances that shelf life extension.

EFGE has been able to obtain FDA and EPA registrations in the US, which allow us to put Biotrexx on the inside of packaging materials such as clamshells, trays, boxes and even film which will be in direct contact with food. This is the most efficient and effective place in which to insert Biotrexx in the supply chain.

Once Biotrexx is present as an invisible surface coating on the inside of containers, it will start acting as a biostatic agent that prevents the development of bacterial, viral and fungal pathogenic colonies that, when left unchecked, reduces the shelf life of food. The effect of the Biotrexx treatment on the packaged food is, first and foremost, a significant extension of shelf life and, second, a fresher, healthier product when it arrives to the final consumer.