Ernesto Degenhart

Ernesto is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the international business development arena, having successfully brought to life businesses in the agroindustry, oil and energy services, as well as in the financial services and human health sectors. He has been effective in developing global distribution networks capable of taking to market a variety of complex products into diverse geographies. Skilled in international negotiations, business planning, e-commerce and international business development. Strong business development professional with international experience in the USA, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe and Asia, with a keen expertise in the development of transnational relationships.


Frank E. Layton

Frank has over 35 years of business experience in securities, Venture Capital, and Real Estate finance.
With an extensive and successful career in funding real estate syndications for large national firms as VP of marketing to national broker-dealers, he funded multimillion-dollar real estate projects and private partnerships that generated significant revenues for the investors.
During mid-2019 he began to focus on regenerative medicine and human health and with his partner, Ernesto started EF Global Effect to bring antimicrobial protective products to the global markets. These products have been fully registered and listed with the EPA and FDA and have been proven to be safe and effective in protecting people and animals from hundreds of pathogens that adversely affect their health and safety.

EF Global Effect is a global provider of these products that span the industries of human and animal health along with bringing major benefits to agriculture, logistics and packaging by immunizing their environments.

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EFGE is the exclusive global distributor of BiotrexX (and related products) which is anantimicrobial coating - for food packaging materials as well as for more "logistics oriented" materials – whose proprietary formulation affords protection from an extensive list of harmful pathogens from moment of application to BEYOND the consumption of protected products by consumers.

Biotrexx has been proven to significantly extend shelf life of food products which are packaged inside pre-treated containers. Prior application in the source-based logistics component of the food supply chain – taking us closer to where McKinsey says 30% to 40% of the global food supply is wasted – enhances that shelf life extension.

EFGE has been able to obtain FDA and EPA registrations in the US, which allow us to put Biotrexx on the inside of packaging materials such as clamshells, trays, boxes and even film which will be in direct contact with food. This is the most efficient and effective place in which to insert Biotrexx in the supply chain.

Once Biotrexx is present as an invisible surface coating on the inside of containers, it will start acting as a biostatic agent that prevents the development of bacterial, viral and fungal pathogenic colonies that, when left unchecked, reduces the shelf life of food. The effect of the Biotrexx treatment on the packaged food is, first and foremost, a significant extension of shelf life and, second, a fresher, healthier product when it arrives to the final consumer.